About Us

Tessence of Blueprint T-Shirt designs, is to create quality blueprints of prestigious aircrafts on t-shirts.

I have always been intrigued by blueprints, perhaps my interest precipitated through attempting to make plastic model kits as a child. Ironically, I never kept any of the models I made, as when I compared the model to the one displayed on the box, there was always an inferior contrast. Regardless, I kept the model’s instructions, which illustrated the front, side and plan view of the aircraft, therefore, its blueprint. Additionally, I think my interest in aircraft is upheld through my penchant for falconry, in which I regularly participate, as there are many stark comparisons between jet-fighters and birds of prey.

All the aircraft designs have no insignia to establish their country of origin or political standpoint. As a’ red star’ may distract from the design and promote a political philosophy. This is generally because I am apolitical and want the wearer of the apparel to appreciate the engineering and design of the aircraft. My adage of politics is as follows:

“Utopia lies somewhere between all polarised political philosophies and religions.”

Some may state: “Do you think your t-shirt glorify war?” In which I would resolutely state “no!”, as I believe my designs illustrate the aesthetics of the aircraft. Note, eventually there will be blueprints of prestigious cars and perhaps motorbikes. I could have used Carl von Clausewitz’s quote:

“War is a continuation of politics by other means.”

However, I believe this statement is a euphemism for war and slightly justifies it. Additionally, some of the aircraft designs personify symbols of freedom from tyranny.

I hope you appreciate the design shown, as they have taken some time to create.

Finally, try to keep abreast with the developments of the website, as I will be adding new designs intermittently.



(Managing Director)